Two story brick house

Deal or No Deal?

“Hi Ryan! I bought my dream home, but suddenly need cash for a larger down payment to secure the purchase, can you help me?”

“I just inherited my mother’s property and need cash ASAP. Make me an offer.”

“Our home renovation is at a stand still, too much work and $$- will you buy as is?”

These are the opening liners to conversation, a solid handshake and creating solutions to things life throws at us. If you are needing to sell your home FAST, with little hassle- consider Ramm Home Buyers! Here’s why; Selling a home through a real estate agent may take months. If you’d list it today, and accept an offer the first minute, you miggghhhtt see money in 30 days, most likely 45 or more. There is also preparing your home for pictures, paperwork, inspections– and more. Upon closing you’ll see thousands of dollars go toward agent/broker fees, repairs from the inspection reports, marketing costs and you guessed it- more.

Is working directly with a cash home buyer for everyone? No. But if you can relate to any of the conversations you just read from previous Ramm clients, together we can create a win-win! To get the ball rolling, visit our home page and enter some basic information about the property. Ryan will personally reach out to you via phone call or text. Whatever the situation- we do our very best to provide efficient, smooth and fair solutions for you. The cherry on top? We’re neighbors! and know northeast Ohio like the back of our hand. This enables us to visit your property promptly, chat over coffee, or proceed at the speed you desire!

So, Deal or No Deal?

We’d love to chat.

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