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Tips to Sell a House: What to Avoid in Your Home

Let’s face it: it can be difficult to sell a house, and there are many ways to price your home. However, a number of even the smallest of changes to your home can increase your selling value. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home soon, there are things you can do that will help you prepare and make your space feel more attractive.

Dirt, stains, and smudges: Always a house shopping turn-off

Washing your walls and windows may be an easy step to forget, but it is just as important as cleaning floors. It’s also a good idea to move your furniture when cleaning. This way you can attend to areas of your home that may have collected dust or lost items, and maybe you’ll discover a new way to rearrange your furniture. Having as little clutter as possible is key as you prepare to sell a house.

A clean house instantly makes it feel more new and desirable.

Avoid random and outdated colors & patterns

This applies to so many aspects of your home: the paint, wood or tile flooring, the carpets, the curtains, and even your appliances.

Neutrals and solids have continued to be a trend for years because it is so easy to redecorate. They also are relaxing and easy on the eyes. Bright, harsh colors and busy patterns can be off-putting. While a pop of color and some contrast can be good, it’s easy to take too far. Avoid wallpaper where you can, as well. The maintenance and patterns of wallpaper tend to turn away buyers.

The fewer changes potential buyers have to consider making when purchasing a home, the better chances you have of keeping their interest.

Take care of odors!

Stinky smells, smoke, and cooking scents should all be taken care of before selling, and as a general practice to keep your house fresh. Open windows when the weather allows so your house can air out. Shampoo carpets once in a while, don’t fall away from cleaning everything in your bathroom, and keep your ovens, refrigerator, and microwaves regularly cleaned. While odor-blocking sprays, candles, and diffusers help create good scents, they don’t fix the cause of a smell.

Though we hope you won’t have to replace carpets, sometimes it’s the only way to get rid of a lingering odor. Old carpets also tend to just smell “old” and studies show that at least 50% of your potential buyers will notice the old carpets and leave. Don’t fret though, it’s an easy fix and there are plenty of good ways to get it done at a good price.

Don’t neglect what’s outside

An overgrown yard and weeds can immediately make a home feel neglected. Keeping your yard cleaned up, maintaining a flower bed, and keeping debris off your drive will give any home a makeover. If you have things laid out on your lawn and don’t have room in your garage, consider looking into a rented storage space or a small shed for your home. It doesn’t take long before your lawn starts to look like a junkyard as things pile up outside.

Fix or replace anything that is old or broken

Broken doors, damaged carpet and tile, torn fabric couches, old appliances, and nasty curtains can kill an opportunity with a potential buyer in seconds. They don’t want the job of fixing and replacing these things. Having a move-in ready home is the most appealing and makes your price feel more reasonable.

Keeping rooms well-lit helps each room’s appearance as well. Replace old bulbs and light fixtures. They don’t need to be expensive, but pick things that will brighten your space more and maybe feel more modern.

Which rooms should you focus on first?

First impressions are important for potential buyers as they enter a room. So which rooms are the most influential? You might think one of them is the entryway, but the two rooms that create the biggest impression are the kitchen and bathrooms. This is because they are the most essential parts of the home for living, and they are the easiest to get dirty. Take pride in keeping these rooms especially clean and well-functioning. Just like everything else in your home, revamping a bathroom and kitchen will make your home feel move-in ready.

Need to sell now? Consider contacting a cash home buyer group

You may not have the time or capabilities to make any of these changes yourself, so what can you do to get the best money for your home? If you don’t want to mess with the commissions and fees of a realtor, you should definitely consider contacting a cash home buyer like Ramm Home Buyers. These businesses will look at your house with the intention to buy it as is straight from you as the homeowner. They are not brokers or salespeople for real estate. The selling process is fast and easy, and you can get your house’s worth in cash. They will strive to make fair and practical offers to our sellers and do not want to waste their time making an unreasonably low offer.

A Cash Home Buyer Service will help you skip the ridiculous inspections, extended closing dates, and outrageous fees. Life happens and businesses like Ramm Home Buyers are here so you can sell a house to help you move onto the next stage.

Planning on buying a home? There are a lot of hidden expenses, and we don’t want you to be caught by surprise. Thankfully there are plenty of ways that you can prepare for these hidden expenses.

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